Thursday, March 17, 2016

In The Outsiders, what differences can be seen between Ponyboy and Johnny? I just found about school, and aboutt theirs family's background. What...

Other than their backgrounds, there are a few differences between the two characters.  Ponyboy is definitely a stronger character in terms of the mental anguish that he is able to deal with.  Pony is constantly fighting with his brother; however, it does not affect him the way that Johnny’s relationship with his parents affects him.  This could have to do with the difference in the two relationships but it is a character difference as well – the end of the novel does a great job of showing Ponyboy’s strength.  Johnny is also always nervous while Ponyboy seems to be able to handle situations with ease most of the time.  Finally, Johnny makes rash and impetuous decisions while Ponyboy always seems to think things through before he acts on anything.  

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